Why Would You Choose Us?

At KTPC we totally understand that you’ve most likely spent a ton of time searching the internet researching pools and we’re more than sure you’ve seen a lot of different prices and options, mind-blowing isn’t it…

WE’RE HERE TO HELP REMOVE THE CONFUSION. At KTPC we will help turn you Dreams Into Reality by working with you to build the backyard experience that you not only want but expect at a price that you can comfortably afford. Our Team is with you from start to finish and beyond.

WE WANT TO SEE AND HEAR YOUR IDEAS and work with you to bring them to life and maybe even throw in a few ideas of our own of those little details you may never have thought of. But at the end of the day, 100% of the choices are yours

LET’S TALK BUDGET, we’re sure you have a budget in mind, that’s perfectly normal and we don’t want to know it, THAT’S RIGHT…WE DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOUR BUDGET IS. We want to work with you and your dreams but how are we going to do that if we don’t know how much you want to spend? It’s simple! IT’S YOUR DREAM BACKYARD WE WANT TO KNOW ABOUT, why settle if its not the backyard experience you’ve spent days, months maybe even years dreaming about?

At KTPC we work with you by providing completely detailed quotes of everything you’re wanting to put into your pool and once you’ve had a chance to review we work with you to make it happen. BUT WHAT IF IT’S MORE THEN YOU WERE PLANNING TO SPEND to get everything you want? No Problem, at KTPC we will tailor your installation with what you need now and as your ability to add the rest of your wish list happens we’ll be there so you end up with everything you really want, if we need to do it slowly rather then all at once NO PROBLEM at least your getting everything you’ve dreamt about. Did we mention that we can help with financing if you’re a NOW kind of person? just ask for details and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

By The Way, we build an awesome pool! We’re factory-trained and adhere to or exceed all of Barrier Reefs High Standards, We’re Fully Insured, Have Strict Safety Guidelines and We treat your property as if was our own, Plus an AMAZING WARRANTY TOO…

Why Would You Choose A Imagine Fiberglass Pool?


The rewarding decision to get a pool opens the door to a lifetime of enjoyment for you, your family and friends. Imagine Pools™ understands the value of your dream. 

From design, to delivery, to installation, to years of trouble-free ownership… every aspect of your new Imagine Pool is, quite literally, seamless. That’s the beauty of Imagine Pools™.



Now For A Splash Of Colour

Imagine Pools BUILT RIGHT

The popularity of composite fiberglass pools continues to grow every year. With that in mind, Imagine Pools™ set out to develop a cutting edge swimming pool that is designed to last.

Every Imagine Pools™ swimming pool is manufactured under strict factory controlled conditions using only top of the line components. Under the dazzling gelcoat surface lies premium quality Vinyl Ester Resin and fiberglass, layered around a durability-reinforcing Centurion Core.

These industry leading advancements create a swimming pool resistant to corrosion that accommodates for ground movement do to changing weather conditions, all while looking absolutely stunning


For a certified Imagine Pools™ trained installer, placing a pool in your backyard is as easy as dig, set and swim.

Your composite fiberglass swimming pool will arrive ready to be set in the ground. Compactable material is placed around the shell to fill the hole as the water level is raised. Once plumbing is arranged into place, your pool will be ready for swimming. Complete the look with lighting and your choice of landscaping and enjoy life at it’s best.



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