EPDM Rubber Granules

EPDM is the highest used resilient product on the market. Like steel, EPDM has many different grades and is used for many different applications in a multitude of different markets. Our EPDM is specific. We specify all Softroc® EPDM to have the perfect combination of flexibility and durability to give customers the best resiliency possible. Our products are installed in some of the toughest, harshest environments in the world, specifically the wet deck market. Our EPDM not only protects against chlorine, foot traffic, bacteria and UV rays, but looks beautiful, seamless, and is safe. 

Thats why we ensure Softroc EPDM Rubber Granules have all those benefits and more.

High Quality

Produced from virgin raw materials

ASTM and CSA tested and certified

ColoUR Options

15 standard colors

10 premixed blends]

Endless custom color combination

SBR Rubber Granules

SBR is is a great environmentally friendly surfacing material. Our SBR is long lasting. 

Thats why we ensure Softroc SBR Rubber Granules have all those benefits and is good choice for the environment.

Enviornmentally Friendly

RUBAPAVE is an innovative surfacing solution for driveways, parking lots, garages and pathways.

Polyurethane Binders

Our polyurethane binders have been formulated to create beautiful surfaces when combined with Softroc EPDM Rubber Granules. With over 35 years of experience our installers have found that Softroc’s Trowel Swipe can be used to clean and provides a lubricated surface to trowel over. This provides more efficient installation and seamless finish.

Thats why we ensure Softroc® Polyurethane Binders have all those benefits and more.

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